About Us

Started in Oct 2017, Antrigulum Labs focuses on building analytics products and services.

With the advent of Analytics and AI in all sectors, the next decade is going to be very evolving as many industries morph their into the digital world. The word ‘Antrigulum’ was conceived from the names of two galaxies Andromeda and Triangulum which we thought is befitting the enormity of data opportunity that is in front of us.

We have strong data management and analytics experience. As a team, we have prior experience working with many of the Global 100 customers list in China, India, Japan, SE Asia, Europe and the US. We collectively have been responsible for more than 100 million dollar worth of business and bring in more than100 man-years of work experience.

We are a globally experienced management team, powered by a strong passion to build a significantly impacting data science company. Not surprisingly, Antrigulum Labs is far apart from the usual. We have invested in building experience in many verticals most significantly in Healthcare. 

We have proactively built base platforms for Sensor analytics called SenseSight and text extraction and processing called Cygnus.


Prithvi Puttaraju

Founder and CEO

“We strive to be part of the true digital transformation journey of our customers from base idea to final implementation stage. In today’s world of utter virtualization to sustain, succeed and excel, we engage closely with customers by meticulously extracting and analyzing their business data and bringing multi-dimensional perspective of their business with meaningful recommendations. We build systems that not only provide visible cost reduction and risk management but also does pattern recognition of scenarios in your business to evolve profitable decisions. We continue to invest ourselves in acquiring Macro data while practicing Micro implementations of more efficient ways of data science to address the problem statements. We are deeply associated with academia, global technology industry and the domains to pass on our learnings in our solutions.

"We dare to dream big and different and propel a passion to solve undefined problems taking it a scale that you cannot imagine! Sometimes best is just not enough, you need to do what it takes!"


Kaz Terada

Kaz was formerly a managing director and a board member of ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc. (ITV), a venture capital firm based in Tokyo. Prior to joining ITV in 2006, Kaz was responsible for the business development and strategic investment of ITOCHU’s ICT & Media Group mainly in the U.S. and Japan. Kaz has led Venture Investment efforts in the US, investing in early-stage Silicon Valley technology companies since 1997. He was also responsible for ITOCHU’s first U.S. technology venture capital fund, Horizon Ventures to be established in 2000. He is currently President & CEO of A2O, Inc., a management consulting firm based in Tokyo, President of TiE Japan and a board member of Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc. (TSE:3132). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Japan’s Waseda University.


Shyam Pillalmarri

Shyam has been a successful serial entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor to many startup companies in the Silicon Valley over the past 25 years. He is currently the Managing Partner of Seldon Capital, a mid stage venture capital. He was the CTO for Samsung SDS responsible for identifying key technology trends in Next generation data Center technologies, Mobility and Analytics to embed into Samsung SDS solutions. He was the co-founder and VP of Engineering at Azul systems, Vice President of Software Engineering for the IP Services business unit at Nortel Networks, Product lead of the innovative Shasta Broadband IP Services Platform, lead at Zeitnet, an early ATM networking company that was later acquired by Cabletron. He also held various management positions at HP. He holds a MS Computer Science degree from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from IIT, Madras, India. He has been granted 12 patents in high performance computing and communications.

Richard Tao

Richard is the Chairman of New Heritage Investments Limited a family office since 2014. He is an investor in healthcare, technology, logistics, finance and real estate with strong interest in technology. Formerly Vice Chairman of earliest Hong Kong family controlled real estate developer in Suzhou, Jiangsu, to IPO in 2005 on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board, and successfully sold controlling interest in 2014. He got his BSc(hons) in Newcastel University in Navel Architecture and Shipbuilding with a Masters in Massachussets Institute of Technology in Ocean Systems Management/Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering.


Consulting Architect

Akbar Ibrahim

Akbar is a solution architect with more than 22 years of experience in designing and developing customer focused solutions. He specializes in building efficient and scalable applications using modern technologies. He has worked with large corporations and startups around the globe, helping them create solutions that are right for their needs and budgets. He loves experimenting with new technologies and continuously learning to keep abreast of the ever changing world of IT.


An outstanding team of data engineers, data science specialists, product managers and developers build away our product and services.