AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence solutions can be brought into enterprise management system in many areas during various stages of data transformation.
At the initial data engineering stage, a collection of data that is stored or generated in discreet forms needs to be captured, organized and prepared for analysis. The second step is understanding the business objective and identifying what is to be achieved. Finally, interpretation is automated based on inference and decision making, creating an outcome-based feedback loop to formulate simulations and predict an efficient process to accomplish the business goal.
Throughout these steps, an in-depth understanding of the business, technology, and programming process is essential. We build these repeatable AI modules that help reduce time and cost, with easier and faster absorption of data that mitigates cost and risk. Our thorough understanding of the industry enables us to continually enhance AI modules.

  • Industry domain specific solutions like chat bots in banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
  • SaaS based solutions for analytics across horizontal areas like social analytics, marketing analytics, customer experience, financial analytics, Internet of Things and digital.