Analytics Dashboard

Analytics is the statistical computation, discovery and interpretation of insights in the data. It requires proper computational mathematics, statistics and business logic to make any sense. There are a lot of hindrances to analytics, computational ability, clean data, complete data, interpretation and finally incorporating key business logic in the computation.
With sufficient historical data and continued data feed, predictive models that can be brought out such as voyage analysis, cargo profitability analysis, retail purchase prediction, pricing prediction, disease spread, carbon consumption prediction, financial crime prediction, so on.

Antrigulum Labs is a pure analytics company helping organizations see the real insights in their data. With a particular use case in mind, Antrigulum Labs can build quick solutions to analyze, predict and visualize insights for decision-making. After quick results, we can build analytics to your larger portfolio through your common data store such a Enterprise Data Warehouse or a Data Lake. In case you don’t yet have a DW or a DL, we can help you build this out as well through our data management services portfolio.

We specialize in building Analytics dashboards for your business through open source tools or third party visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc. 

Sample Analytics Dashboard