In the highly dynamic and digital business world, every event interaction, observation, reaction or behavior between business entities create raw content in many forms. Organizations spend a tremendous amount of money, time and resource to mine information in their abundant amount of raw text generated through emails, documents, journals, text logs and so on, where a lot of insights are stored away. Many a times the outcome scraps the surface!

Using NLP algorithms and building specific business ontology, text extraction and processing can be done reasonably. Post this, pattern recognition and predictions can be evolved to suit the business outcome.

Antrigulum Labs has built a core engine that can be customized to your business needs and a long lasting, self learning system can be established. This is the only realistic way to handle your text data that is not going to go away. Examples of insights can be obtained from medical journals, emails, or any large set of textual data to help find financial crime, detect insider trading, commodity price evolution, etc