Healthcare as a sector has abundant data. With access to it, in a standardized way, can evolve rapid solutions to the industry. Patient data can be anonymized and used for analytics and AI model creation to solve a specific problem. Analytical assessment of historical patient data can reveal disease growth, treatment and outcomes effectively. With AI, many complex computations needed to combine compounds for new drug discovery can be automated rapidly.

Antrigulum Labs has proven experience of building use cases for Healthcare industry. We have multi dimensional approach to problem solving and are very precise in extracting data from disparate sources. We also build technology tools that enable easier and faster access of bulk medical data such as Cygnus, a NLP based text extraction and processing engines.

We will address your use case with deep perspective and evolve a pathway for short term and long term approach and implementation. We understand the standards of managing Healthcare data in many countries especially HIPA in the US..

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