SailSmart is a one-stop ship analytics platform that provides Voyage Performance, Vessel Performance, Voyage P&L and Financial Metrics for Operators and Fleet Owners.

A very easy to use platform, acquires clean data from source and further applies advanced analytics to build insights in the business. The interactive visualization of multi-dimensional perspective of your voyage data delivering instant monitoring tool to control your variable costs such as bunker, port expenses, demurrage and so on hence maximizing your profits and controlling your risks.

SailSmart automates the Operator’s operations in no time from voyage fixtures to end of Voyages. It validates and integrates Noon report data through its proprietary SeaConnect module that is easily accessible to the Masters on the vessel, collects estimation data from Chartering, integrates Weather forecasts and finally consolidates Voyage financials through CostTrack to give you a full picture of your business

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